We help seniors, their families, and their financial, legal and health care advisors make sense of the eldercare system and navigate the gaps within it.

You need only one number to call to begin to find the answers you need. That number, and the person you speak to, will be by your side until every issue is resolved.

Where can you find advice and support with a senior's issue?

Today's "seniors' system" is complex and frustrating. You are often left without the all the facts needed to make the best decisions. Despite best intentions, you may live in another city or may not have the time to do all the research yourself. When you need help with this system, Iris is there for you. To find out more about seniors advice and support, click here.

What can be done to help a senior stay at home?

Not every older person with care issues needs to move to a facility. Staying in your own home is a viable solution. With the right services and products, many seniors can stay in their home. To find out more about staying at home, click here.

When it's time for a retirement home, how do you know what's best?

Sometimes you know that a move is the only option. The choices are numerous, and the quality and styles vary greatly. To find out more about making the right choice, click here.

How do you chose between the many long term senior care options?

A some stage, many seniors reach the stage where long term care is needed. A retirement home, even one that provides extra services cannot give enough support. To find out more about long term care, click here.

Where can you find someone to speak for you?

When you are without anyone to speak up for you, the world of senior care can be lonely and confusing. To find out how we can speak for you, click here.



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